The railway plan for the double track between Salo and Hajala has been completed

The Salo–Hajala railway plan has been completed and officially put on display. The completed plan is the first of Turku One Hour Train Ltd’s five railway plans which enable the construction of the new train service between Helsinki and Turku. The remaining four plans should be completed within 2023.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has put the railway plan on display for the period 8.9.–17.10.2023* and is willing to accept complaints about the plan. The complaint procedure is intended for house owners and other parties concerned as well as those whose housing, work or other circumstances could be affected by the plan.

The Turku One Hour Train Ltd requests authorities for statements about the plan.

Another track to improve capacity and speed up the railway section

The railway section between Salo and Hajala is a part of the present coast line and the Salo–Turku double track which is being planned. In the railway plan, for a section of about ten kilometres, another track next to the existing track was planned, and 14 new bridges, three bridges to be widened or repaired and two new tunnels were planned. In addition, road and street arrangements required by the new railway, as well as noise control measures, were planned. The planning was managed by Sitowise Oy. 

The purpose of the work is to improve traffic capacity and speed up the existing railway section.

– The second track gives the trains more capacity and makes it possible to add more traffic, it also reduces disturbance sensitivity and recovery from disturbances. In addition, it makes it easier to maintain the existing railway, says Annika Salokangas, project leader of the Turku One Hour Train Ltd.

An investment decision is needed for the construction

The task of the Turku One Hour Train Ltd is to make and finance railway plans for the Espoo–Salo direct line and the Salo–Turku double track until the new railway can be built. To enable the train service, five separate railway plans will be made (Espoo-Lohja, Lohja-Salo, Salo-Hajala, Hajala-Nunna and Nunna-Kupittaa). Each of these will be advanced towards the building stage separately.

The company has made no decision on the railway construction or the financing required.

The railway plan is on display on The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom’s web pages at (Topical > News and notices > Announcement: Salo-Hajala railway plan to be put on display, Salo – Display time extended)

*The display time has been extended  8.9.–17.10.2023


Annika Salokangas, project leader, Turku One Hour Train Ltd, 040 866 5315, annika.salokangas(at)

Julkaistu 9.9.2023

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