Turku One Hour Train Ltd seeks EU funding for project

Turku One Hour Train Ltd has applied for EU funding through the CEF programme for the new railway link between Helsinki and Turku. A total of 176.28 million euros in funding was sought for the construction planning of the entire connection and for the construction of the sections Espoo–Hista and Salo–Hajala.

The construction planning of the entire connection and the construction of the Espoo–Hista and Salo–Hajala sections are the next stages of the project, the total cost of which is roughly 600 million euros.

Construction planning will commence in the years 2024–2025, and the first sections will be completed in 2028.

Funding sought for planning and construction

Funding was sought within the 2023 CEF Transport call of the ongoing CEF2 funding period for the construction planning of the 150-kilometre section between Espoo and Kupittaa. During the project, a new railway link will be planned between Espoo and Salo and the existing Salo–Kupittaa section will be upgraded to a double-track line, including more direct alignment in three places.

Passenger platforms and access routes will be designed for the new stations in Hista, Veikkola, Vihti-Nummela and Lohjansolmu.

Funding was also sought for the construction of two railway sections. During the project, a new rail link will be constructed between Espoo and Hista (about 10 km) and a second track will be added next to the existing one between Salo and Hajala (about 11 km).

Construction of entire link is the goal

According to the Government Programme, the one-hour Helsinki–Turku rail link project will be implemented starting with the Espoo–Lohja and the Salo–Kupittaa sections. For the construction stage, the government is prepared to capitalize the project company with 460 million euros during its current term as part of an investment programme.

The government has launched negotiations on funding the project together with the other shareholders. The owners will confirm their financial commitments in spring 2024.

The name Turku One Hour Train Ltd will change to West Railway Ltd in February 2024. The company aims to have the new railway line from Turku to Helsinki ready for service by the early 2030s.

Further information:

Pekka Ottavainen, Managing Director at Turku One Hour Train Ltd, tel. +358 400 261 097

Julkaistu 31.1.2024

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