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Millions of new train journeys

The railway line between Helsinki and Turku is one of Finland’s busiest lines for passenger trains. The new line will link all the localities along the route to the Helsinki metropolitan area, creating a common commuting area for 1.5 million Finns in the western part of South Finland.

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Why do we need the West Railway?

The West Railway is a fast, double-track rail link between Helsinki and Turku. The connection will significantly reduce travel time between the two cities and provide new opportunities for growth and development

Railway plans

To facilitate a new rail link between Helsinki and Turku, five separate railway plans will be prepared and developed further toward the construction stage as individual entities.

West Railway Ltd

The company was set up to produce railway plans for the Espoo–Salo direct railway line and the Salo–Turku double-track railway line and to construct the new rail line.

About the project

Information for landowners and residents

We gathered current information for landowners, property owners and others living and operating in the area affected by the railway.


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Construction of the West Railway Could Begin in 2026

West Railway Ltd. aims to kick off the construction planning for the entire railway link in 2024, and the construction stage is set to begin in 2026 with the Espoo–Hista and Salo–Hajala sections.



Turku One Hour Train Ltd seeks EU funding for project

A total of 176.28 million euros in funding was sought for the construction planning of the entire connection and for the construction of the sections Espoo–Hista and Salo–Hajala.



Turku One Hour Train Becomes West Railway – Planning Criteria Changed to Reduce the Cost by Nearly One Billion Euros

An extraordinary general meeting of Turku One Hour Train Ltd decided to change the planning criteria of the project to reduce the cost of investment, expand the company’s line of business to include construction activities, and to apply for EU funding through the CEF programme for the construction stage.