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Pekka Ottavainen

Managing Director

Leena Roiko

Director, Administration and Legal Affairs

Annika Salokangas

Project Director

Riina Siirtola

Communications Manager

Ari-Pekka Niemelä

Chief Financial Officer

Riitta Heliö

Environment and Sustainability Manager

Minna Aho

Business Controller

Riikka Raiso

Executive Assistant

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Why do we need the West Railway?

The West Railway is a fast, double-track rail link between Helsinki and Turku. The connection will significantly reduce travel time between the two cities and provide new opportunities for growth and development.

Railway plans

To facilitate a new rail link between Helsinki and Turku, five separate railway plans will be prepared and developed further toward the construction stage as individual entities.

West Railway Ltd

The company was set up to produce railway plans for the Espoo–Salo direct railway line and the Salo–Turku double-track railway line and to construct the new rail line.