Ground surveyors selected for the planning of the Espoo–Salo railway line

Turku One Hour Train Ltd has invited tenders for the ground surveying work related to the planning of the railway connection between Espoo and Salo. Ramboll Finland Oy, GeoUnion Oy, Suomen GPS-Mittaus Oy, and Taratest Oy were selected to carry out the ground surveys. The combined value of these contracts is 7.3 million euros.

The ground surveys comprise the soil testing and measuring work for the railway line and the related routes and bridges.

Turku One Hour Train Ltd will commission two plans for the railway line between Espoo and Salo comprising the Espoo–Lohja and Lohja-Salo sections. The work is divided into four regional components, based on which the ground surveys are carried out.

Ground surveys for the section between Espoo and Vihti will be carried out by Ramboll Finland Oy, the surveys for the section between Vihti and Lohja by GeoUnion Oy, the surveys for the section between Lohja and Suomusjärvi by Suomen GPS-Mittaus Oy, and the surveys for the section between Suomusjärvi and Salo by Taratest Oy.

The ground surveys commence in January and will be conducted in 2022 and 2023.

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Annika Salokangas, Project Director, Turku One Hour Train Ltd, tel. +358 (0)40 866 5315, annika.salokangas(at)

Julkaistu 17.1.2022

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